Add your family members to Jinga Life

Welcome to Jinga Life!

Did you know that with consent, you can add your partner, children, parents and even your pet to your jinga Life profile?

Complete these simple steps to find out how:

1. Open the Jinga Life app on your smartphone

Jinga Life vertical High_Central_600px_SQSP_300px.jpg

2. Scroll down to Family & Friends


3. Select “ADD +”


4. Follow the corresponding questions, be sure to tick the box!


5. After you have input your answers, hit “SAVE”


6. Repeat steps 1 - 5 to add family members as necessary.

You’ve just added a family member to your Jinga profile, now you can keep up to date with their medical information, you no longer have to waste time sifting through paperwork to find the relevant medical document for that family member. When it comes to your family’s health don’t leave anything to chance, use Jinga Life!

For any further inquiries please do not hesitate to contact

Thank you for using and supporting Jinga Life, we hope to see you soon on your Jinga journey!