4 common mistakes that new parents make in their baby’s first year.

There is no doubt that becoming a parent brings a lot of different feelings like anxiety, excitement and happiness but at the same time, it can be one of the hardest jobs in the world, especially if it is your first time. In our last blog we looked at some handy tips to keep you new parents out there grounded, take a look at part 2...

    1. Neglecting your Personal Needs.
Many new parents, especially mothers get too involved with taking care of their babies and forgetting about themselves. Elizabeth Silk, a psychotherapist based in New York says that neglecting your own needs creates a negative psychological atmosphere that can consequently affect your child. Dedicate some of your available time to yourself and say, do your nails, take a nice shower, go out with friends or precisely anything you miss. 
The baby needs you to be in the right mind and psychological state, and this can be achieved when you satisfy your own needs. Caring for your baby does not have to be a bad experience; in fact, new parents need to enjoy their experiences by making it fun for themselves and ultimately the baby.   

    2. Rejecting help offers.
A new parent on a number of occasions will make the mistake of refusing any help offered by their loved ones. While it is normal to get overprotective and trust very few people with caring for your child and it can be a good thing at times, as new parents you also need a break.
It will do you good to accept help and take a break once in a while. More so, it might just be the only time you can relax and complete other tasks that you’ve neglected in a long time. 

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    3. Overthinking and Overreacting.
As a new parent, you get very excited at first, which is normal, and you tend to think that you have every detail of childcare under control. This is mostly not the case because well we humans are prone to make errors. It is important you take your time and assess situations before reacting with panic, and when things do not go as planned try to keep your calm. 
Overthinking and overreacting to unfamiliar situations is not the way to go about it because it can directly affect your baby’s well-being. 

    4. Overspending on Baby items.
New parents tend to spend so much on clothes and other baby utilities that they forget the baby will eventually outgrow some of these items over a short period of time. The excitement of having a child of your own cannot be overstated but as a new parent, projecting long-term strategies will be in your best of interests. Such strategies will ensure your child's needs are adequately taken care of as it grows.

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