Getting In The Christmas Mood: Fun Ideas For All The Family!

The build up to Christmas can be a bit chaotic, but it’s also a very exciting time in any household! If you are keen to get the festive spirit going but not quite sure how, check out our suggestions for family fun throughout the build up to Christmas!


Visit Santa

More suitable towards family with young children, a visit to Santa is a must for getting in the Christmas mood! Your local shopping centre will more than likely have a Santa to visit throughout much of December. While you’re there have a wander around the shops for some gift inspo!

Get Your Skates On!

Is there anything more festive than strapping on a pair of skates and whirling around the ice rink? When we say whirl, we mean a light shuffle along as you hold onto the rails but hey! It’s still pretty fun! Ice skating is great for kids of all ages, and they usually have aids to help out younger or less experienced skaters. Most towns and city host an ice skating event like Dundrum On Ice, and Wexford Winterland. You can find similar events here for Waterford, Cork, Mullingar, and Blanchardstown.


Be Crafty!

Craft fairs have become very popular in recent years. It’s a great day out for all the family. Wander around, and see what’s on offer when it comes to handmade gifts and decorations.

Head To A Christmas Market!

Christmas Markets are so much fun, and are great for getting into the Christmas spirit! There are plenty of lights and rides to keep younger children occupied, and usually a ferris wheel and fantastic foods to keep older kids busy! Wander around the food stalls with a hot chocolate in hand, soaking up the festive atmosphere. If you have the means, there are some fabulous Christmas markets in Europe. Check here for some options closer to home including Galway and Belfast.  

Light It Up!


Christmas lights are probably the best thing about the festive period, they add a bit of magic to any landscape! Bundle up and head out on a winter walk around your town or village, and soak up some of the light displays. It’s a great way to get out of the house, grab some fresh hair, and get your Christmas juices flowing! If you’re a countryside dweller, pack everyone into the car with blankets and hot chocolates and head out on a small drive around to spot some Christmas lights! (Beats sitting in front of the TV all evening!)

Christmas Tree Picking

Head out to a Christmas tree farm near you, and pick and chop your own Christmas tree! What is more festive than heading out as a family to select your very own Christmas tree, bringing it home and decorating it. Check here to see if there is a Christmas tree farm near you to head out and get picking! Well, chopping…

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