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Most of the time women are the Jingas of their families. They are the custodians of family health and they look after anyone in the family who is not feeling well. Basically, by the time her children grow up the mother knows everything about their health history. She is the one who had to leave her work in order to take the children to the doctor and to nurse them at home. She knows their birth weight, their vaccinations, when they reached important milestones like talking and walking, their allergies, any illnesses and/or injuries that they suffered as they grew up and what medicines they have to take if they have a chronic condition. She is basically a walking medical and lifestyle record of her children. What happens to all that knowledge should she suddenly pass away?

The woman does not limit her care to her children only. She also cares for her husband when he is sick and she knows all his illnesses and all the medicines he has to take. When other family members need her help, like her parents or parents-in-law, again she is the one who takes care of them.

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There is no limit to the demands on the Jinga’s knowledge, time and energy. We have a short story to share:  one Jinga is currently looking after her 31 year old nephew who was injured in a bus accident in South Africa. Because the rest of the family is in Zimbabwe, this Jinga and her husband are the only family members in South Africa who could take him in after hospitalization where his foot was amputated and his arm was fixed after dislocation on the shoulder joint. In the two months that she nursed him to health, this Jinga had to divide her own time between her home business and caring for the nephew. Unfortunately, the husband could not help her much due to his job demands and the Jinga is in charge of the recovering nephew. She has had to do all the cooking and changing of wound dressings and hospital visits when the nephew had to be admitted in hospital again twice.

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Do you know why she coped with a freshly amputated foot? Because a few years back she took care of her father who had a huge leg wound that had developed as a result of surgery to an abscess. She nursed the elderly man to health for three months, taking him to all his weekly medical review appointments. She learned a lot in the process.

That is what it means to be a woman, the custodian of family`s health. You simply become the Jinga whether you like it or not because you naturally fight for your family’s health, something that other members of family cannot do. It is your natural female instinct to care for those who are in need without a second thought.

Now there is a tool that can help you to play the Jinga role the easiest way. Become a member of Jinga Life and create a digital healthcare record of each family member. Should any family member be in an emergency and no one knows his/her allergies and existing medical conditions, the record on Jinga Life will be available for you anytime, anywhere. With access to the healthcare record, the doctors taking care of the emergency know everything about the patient and can take precautions.

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