The Importance of Preventive Healthcare for the Jinga and her Family.

You may have heard of the saying “prevention, not cure”, this is Jinga Life’s stance when it comes to you and your family’s healthcare. 

Jinga Life is a platform which helps busy moms to ensure the safety and wellbeing of themselves, and each of their family members. Whilst being a noble job (if not the most noble), being the Jinga in the family can be tiresome. It’s not always easy to keep track of everyone and everything. In the busy twenty-first century mum’s life, it can often lead to healthcare only coming to the forefront when something is wrong. This is what Jinga Life seeks to change. The modern-day platform is there to help you in organising doctor’s appointments, scheduling vaccinations, and blood tests (as well as allowing you to record and store the results). Jinga Life also acts as a health monitor and can sync information from any fitness device you or your family may own. 

Preventive healthcare is becoming a prominent state of thought across the globe. Many doctors and health services insist that this is not only best for people, but it will also benefit the economy and overall standard of living. Jinga Life seeks to aid in the idea of preventive healthcare. For example, should a family member have an autoimmune disease like diabetes, Jinga Life will allow you to monitor said members biometrics and vitals all displayed in graphs so it’s easy for everyone to understand.  

Rather than having to spring into action at a moments notice should a family members health decline, Jingas and the family now has a place where all relevant information is stored. No more fumbling about looking for past results or previous medical history. 

By using Jinga Life, the family’s primary caregiver i.e. you, the Jinga herself, is more in tune with her and her family’s health. By being able to check everyone’s vitals and statistics in a comprehensible fashion, the Jinga can notice if anything looks out of place, contact the relevant medical personnel and prevent anything major from occuring. 

woman & child scooter - Photo by  London Scout  on  Unsplash

woman & child scooter - Photo by London Scout on Unsplash

The Jinga now has a modern means of tracking her family’s healthcare that fits around all of the family’s life and schedule. With this is in mind, the caregiver is now capable of making informed decisions when it comes to preventative healthcare. Perhaps she notices her or her partner are gaining weight at an unhealthy rate, which could lead to such things as heart disease or diabetes; rather than wait for the consequences of this to kick in she can take steps to ensure a healthy heart and future for her and her loved ones. Jinga Life’s ability to acquire information from a worn exercise device, also helps the Jinga know that the right amount of exercise is being undertaken, an important aspect of preventing certain healthcare issues. 

As aforementioned, some doctors recommend a prevention not cure attitude when it comes to healthcare. Whilst it may take some time for this to become a globally recognised aspect to our healthcare systems, it’s something the Jinga can practice at home with the help of Jinga Life!

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