What’s On Telly?

Spring and Summer brings with it flowers, blue skies, warm temperatures, and great television! Some of our favourites are returning to TV very soon and we’ve got all the details! Keep reading to see when your favourite shows are returning, or get inspired and find your new binge series!

What? Game of Thrones (Season 8)

When? April 14th/15th 2019

Where? HBO and Sky Atlantic

The final series of the epic Game of Thrones returns this April (yay!). The series will premiere in the USA on HBO on April 14th and will be shown at 2am in the UK and Ireland on Sky Atlantic for fans who want to avoid any hint of a spoiler!

Check out the trailer for the highly anticipated season 8 here. If you haven’t seen any episodes yet the series is available on Sky Box Sets!

What? Big Little Lies (Season 2)

When? June 2019

Where? Sky Atlantic and Now TV

We were expecting to see this gripping series return earlier into the Spring but it looks like it’s release has been pushed back to June *sadface*. The series paints a picture of Mom life in sunny California with murder, betrayal and mischief weaved into the storyline perfectly. Catch up on Sky Box Sets!


What? Killing Eve (Season 2)

When? April 2019

Where? BBC

The first season of Killing Eve had everyone hooked last year so it’s no surprise a second season is coming out pretty soon! No date of release has been confirmed for the UK & Ireland but Killing Eve will premiere on April 7th on BBC America so we expect it won’t take long for it to premiere here. Based around the life of an MI5 spy who is frustrated with her job, Killing Eve features a game of Cat and Mouse between spy and trained assassin. Check out the trailer here, and catch up on RTE Player or BBC iPlayer!

What? Stranger Things (Season 3)

When? July 4th 2019

Where? Netflix

Stranger Things took an extended break with Season 3, disappointing fans everywhere! However, the hit show is back with a bang this July and we are super excited about it! Set in 80’s America, Stranger Things follows a group of pre-teens who have to deal with more than puberty. Aliens, Demogorgons and superhero powers like telekinesis feature in the Netflix series that took audiences by storm! Check out the trailer here.

What? The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

When? April 5th

Where? Netflix

You probably remember Sabrina the Teenage Witch, this new adaptation of the series based on the Archie Comics is a little darker than the Nickelodeon series, and certainly should not be written off as a kids show. A coming of age story of a young witch learning about her powers, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina highlights themes of horror and the occult. A fantasy drama that will keep you entertained for a couple of hours, Season 2 looks like it won’t disappoint! Watch the trailer here. The best part? All episodes are released at the same time allowing for optimum binge watching!