Where To Find Vitamin D In Ireland: One of Europe’s Top Sunless Destinations

We concentrate heavily on the weather in Ireland, daily tasks and life events are planned around, and subsequently affected by our nation’s ever changing weather. A day that starts out like a tropical paradise can end resembling the icy landscape of Siberia, and vice versa. We rarely seem to get that happy in-between state where we complete a day fully satisfied with the weather’s behaviour. Much of a talking point in Ireland, the sun (or the lack of, as is often the case) plays a huge role in not only our lives, our outdoor-clothes-drying routine, and our GAA matches, but also our health.


The Importance of Vitamin D

Vitamin D plays an essential role in our bodies. It ensures our bones are capable of absorbing calcium. In order for us to grow big and strong, we need to absorb calcium at a healthy level, no matter our age. Lack of Vitamin D and calcium absorption can lead to soft bones in children, meaning the likes of rickets, and fragile bones in adults.

You would think that the sun would cut us a little slack here on the Emerald Isle and feature more in our lives, seeing as it’s UV rays are how we get our Vitamin D! Alas, this is not the case, and so it’s important we seek Vitamin D from other sources, most importantly…


If you weren’t too interested in Vitamin D and where to find it before, you certainly are now. The mention of food tends to have that effect on people…

Should you be worrying about how you and your family can increase your Vitamin D intake without having to up-sticks and move everyone to the South of France; try adding some of these foods to your diet. It’s worth a shot before you book the ferry ticket and buy a French dictionary.

Different age groups require different levels of Vitamin D intake, but the type of foods containing Vitamin D apply to all.

  1. Fatty Fish

The best options are the likes of salmon, trout, and tuna. Convincing little ones to partake in a fishy dish can be difficult, so we’ve sought out some recipes that might help them (and you) in getting that kick of Vitamin D.

     2) Egg Yolks

Eggs are a simple way to get Vitamin D into our bodies. They’re abundant in so many recipes. It’s important to note that the source of Vitamin D in the egg is from the yolk, it’s become popular to cook with just egg whites but if you’re looking for your vitamins, the yolk is essential. An egg yolk omelette is the perfect breakfast, lunch or dinner recipe to get you using egg yolks in your cooking.

  3) Orange Juice

If you don’t like to drink milk or are vegan, you don’t have to miss out on drinking your source of Vitamin D. Fortified orange juice is a great source of Vitamin D. For those of you raising an eyebrow to the word “fortified”, it just means they’ve added nutrients to the juice!



In a perfect world, we’d have lovely sunny days stretching from March to September with a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Winter. We’d also be able to turn out amazing meals cram packed with all our daily essential vitamins and minerals. But let’s be real, life is distracting, it’s hard enough finding motivation in mood-inducing sunshine, never mind in this strange grey shade that sits over Ireland 9 months out of 12, so you’re not always going to be on the ball when it comes to Vitamin D. And that’s why we have supplements… You get the benefits of Vitamin D without the risk of exposure to sun rays. Although we don’t doubt that if we ever see a proper stretch of sun in Ireland you and your family will be out soaking up all it’s glory! Just ensure you’re all lathered in a good SPF if you’re planning to be outdoors for a long time.

Photo by  Helena Lopes  from stocksnap.io

Photo by Helena Lopes from stocksnap.io