Women inspire women

women inspire women

A modern woman can spend the whole day at work or in her business, then she prepares supper for the family, helps the children with their homework, prepares their sandwiches for the following day’s lunch, does the laundry, mends torn clothes, communicates with friends, family and teachers, makes sure everyone’s clothes are ready for the following day, and creates order in the house. She does all that mostly without extra assistance. If she has work from her job/business she still does that after the family has gone to bed. She still looks after her skin before finally going to bed. Of course she is the nurse if anyone is sick.

So many tasks for just one person! But then women are natural multi-taskers. Women are the nurturers who look after everyone in a household. It is the women who make decisions that affect the health and wellbeing of their families. Without a woman a lot of households would fall apart and the men and children would look very unkempt and undernourished. Women are definitely not the weaker sex.

Women Inspire their family

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Women are the ones who “make” the men and women in leadership in all walks of like. Wives and girlfriends inspire their partner to great heights. Mothers inspire their children. Have you ever listened to people who win music or movie awards? They all give credit to their moms because mothers are the ones at the forefront of raising kids and encouraging them to excel and to follow their dreams. The movie Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story is a true story of how an illiterate woman saw the power of education and she encouraged her sons to love books. The elder boy went on to study medicine and eventually became a world renowned surgeon, one sought after in the USA and in Europe. The other boy became a lawyer. That movie is proof of the power of women to inspire their children to excel in whatever they set their minds on.

Against All Odds

Women have the power to overcome anything. They can rise from the ashes to achieve anything that they focus on. The best example in our modern times is Miss Oprah Winfrey who came from a broken poor family and was repeatedly raped by her older male relatives. Oprah did not allow the negative beginnings of her life to stop her. She went on to become a news anchor on television. After losing her job she created her own show, The Oprah Winfrey Show. Now she owns her own television channel and she is worth $3.1billion, according to Forbes on August 8, 2017. Oprah had the right attitude, one that helped her to rise against all odds. Oprah inspires women to achieve anything.

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Oprah has brought to our attention a lot of women who have risen against all odds, just like her. One example is Tererai Trent, a girl who was denied education because of poverty in a rural village in Zimbabwe. She was married off at the age of 11 years to a man who beat her up and gave her 3 children by the age of 18. Tererai still had dreams of getting an education and earning many degrees and living in America. Her mother believed in this dream and told her to write her list of dreams on a piece of paper and bury it under a rock. Tererai did that and believed that her dream would come true. The Universe was on her side because many years later her husband managed to move the family to the USA and Tererai worked hard to earn her desired degrees. Now she is married to an American man. She appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show to tell her story when she was about to earn her doctorate degree. That is a beautiful and inspiring story of a woman rising from the ashes encouraged by a woman, her mother and another woman who worked for Heifer International. Women inspire women!

Women’s Intuition

Women have always been intuitive by nature and in the olden days they were the wise old women and healers in society. That disappeared in Europe with the Inquisition (witch burning) in the middle ages. Now, while women can do anything they set their minds on, they have mostly lost awareness of their spiritual power. Most women do not even know that they have a spiritual nature that they must nurture. They are aware of their intuitive nature but most of them do not trust their intuition. The economic problems, child abuse, and abuse and discrimination against women have led to confusion and the loss of awareness of inner power.

However, when inspired, women can rise from any condition. Oprah, Tererai, Rosa Parks, and thousands of other women have shown us that women never lose their inner strength. It is time for each woman to embrace her feminine power. It is time to learn that we are spiritual beings living in a female body, and the spirit within us never changes. In fact the spirit within us is waiting to be recognized and used for power.

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