Tomas is responsible for all internal operations and program management within Jinga Life, working with all departments within the company to ensure execution of the company vision.  Prior to joining Jinga Life Tomas held various senior positions with Digicel, Vodafone and IBM. Tomas’s responsibilities included complex ICT strategic planning and execution, corporate management, technology deployment, and customer and network operations.

Dr. Johnny Walker
Founder & Executive Chairman

Dr. Johnny Walker is a clinically active Interventional Radiologist & Nuclear Physician, International Medical Entrepreneur & Mentor focused on disrupting healthcare for the better. Johnny was the founder and driver of Global Diagnostics, an international teleradiology enterprise which successfully disrupted medical diagnostics around the world. Johnny provides strategic oversight and direction, leveraging his extensive experience and network.


Clare Harney
Chief Executive Officer

Clare is responsible for all day-to-day management decisions and for implementing the Company’s long and short-term plans. Clare acts as a direct liaison between the Board and management of the Company and communicates to the Board on behalf of management. Clare previously held various senior roles with HIQA and the HSE specialising in Healthcare Operations, Quality, Regulatory and Information Governance.

Nicola Mcdonnel.png

Nicola McDonnell
Head of Operations
Jinga People


Juliana Marfil
Digital Marketing Manager
Jinga Wizard


Christopher Boyle
Technical Services Lead
Jinga Geek

Alex Mulkerrins.jpg

Alex Mulkerrins
Marketing & Admin Assistant
Ambassador of Buzz



Advisory Board

We have assembled some of the most creative, entrepreneurial thinkers in Ireland and around the world to see how we can transform healthcare today.


Louise Grubb

Louise is CEO and founder of Q1 Scientific, Europe's leading stability storage facility servicing the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries


Peter McGuinness

Peter is the EU CEO of the Bluestone Group, previously CEO of Capital Management and Chief Finance Officer of Bluestone Group.


Dr. Joey Mason (MD)

Joey was co founder and Managing Direction of eumom and has 25 years’ experience in the healthcare industry developing, directing and advising entrepreneurial businesses in Ireland, the EU and USA.


Andrew Murphy

Founder of Sláinte Healthcare, Andrew has deep experience in assisting a wide range of companies develop sustainable growth and internationalisation strategies.



Join Our Team

Jinga Life, our young Dublin-based digital health enterprise, is looking for a band of extraordinary people to join our team. We spend our days working on an offering we love, upon which we are aspiring to grow a community of millions.

We are looking for leaders across all areas of our enterprise. If you love a challenge and embrace adventure, we would genuinely love to hear from you!