Understanding Jinga Life


Jinga Life provides a Digital Health interface allowing the Jinga to:

✓ Record health information

✓ Access digital images

✓ Store documentation

✓ Connect wearables
All on a secure, mobile and easily accessible platform



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How Jinga Life Works?

A fully GDPR compliant cloud based platform with access for all family members to record and share their medical records with each other.

This means that the Jinga (primary caregiver) can access and manage other family members' records with consent.

Safely and securely record, store and share your medications, medical conditions and allergies as needed; track appoint- ments and store medical images (x-rays, MRI's, CT scans etc), all in your Jinga Life record

We are constantly adding new benefits to support you as a Jinga and to help improve and promote wellness for your entire family!

It's your Jinga Journey -

Welcome to our growing Tribe!


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What are the benefits of using Jinga Life?


Take Control of your health

Effectively manage your and your family’s healthcare information


Safe and secure storage

Safely store your health records in a secure environment


Your Digital Health Solution

Manage and track health information for your entire family in one location

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Stress Free

Reduce the stress of trying to track  all your health and medical records

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Stay Connected

Synchronize your health information across all devices

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Always there

Fast and easy access to important health and well being information anytime, anywhere

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Origins of the Jinga

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Manage your health anytime, anywhere with Jinga Life, your Family's Digital Health Solution!

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Contact us!

For marketing enquiries: marketing@jinga.life

For product support (app.jinga.life): support@jinga.life

For general enquiries: info@jinga.life

To talk to a member of our team please call: 087 095 9684


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