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Access Images Anytime Anywhere

 ✓ Simple and fast access to medical records for doctors.

 ✓ Revolutionary solution for patient access to images and reports.

✓ View and share images and reports.


✓ Radiology Clinics

✓ GP's & Clinicians

✓ Consultants


Jinga Snap for Doctors

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Jinga Snap is an inexpensive and powerful ‘zero-footprint’ DICOM viewer. Jinga Snap for Doctors is PC and Mac compatible and provides access to images and reports anywhere there is an internet connection. Jinga Snap is currently used in the large hospital setting to provide all doctors with access to images from any computer, and also in the private practice setting to deliver images to external referrers.

What do referrers want?

All health practitioners have particular IT needs specific to their work. While GPs value access to images and reports without leaving their chosen practice management system (PMS), specialists prefer mobile access and the ability to consult and share their patient’s record easily.

However, all of them expect simple, fast and safe access to images and reports of the patients under their care. Either on their computer, smartphone or tablet. And that’s exactly how Jinga Snap can assist them.

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Jinga Snap for Doctors

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Desktop Version

Fast to load & Simple to use
At Jinga Snap we are focused on your customers and what they need. Our single goal is to provide fast, simple delivery of images and reports to your referrers.

Our desktop viewer is HTML5 'zero-footprint' and works seamlessly with all modern internet browsers without the need for additional software.

Fast, simple viewing
Jinga Snap for Doctors provides a carefully selected set of tools to allow viewing and sharing of images and reports.

Powerful searching (image of search)
Access studies and reports quickly using intuitive filters.

Can't find the patient you are looking for? Use the 'break glass' function to gain one-time access for urgent studies.

Sharing studies
Securely share studies with colleagues.

Mobile  Version

iOS and Android Image Viewer
Jinga Snap Mobile is available as both a native iOS and Android App. 

Simple Viewer
Navigate using app features such as tap, scroll, zoom and swipe to view images and reports.

Anonymise, Annotate, Send
Annotate, save and send images to other clinicians.

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Jinga Snap for Patients

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Zed Patient allows patients to
view, share and upload their radiology images online.

Online Patient Access to Radiology Images.

Anytime, anywhere.

For Radiology Clinics

Jinga Snap replaces X-ray film and CD-ROM's, making distribution of images easier and less expensive.

  • Reduces film and stationery costs.

  • Reduces administration in providing images to patients.

  • No need for patients to wait or return to pick-up films.

  • Increases patient loyalty by providing patients with something they value.

  • Demonstrates technology leadership.

  • Leverages investment in digital technology.

For Patients

Jinga Snap ensures that patients always have their X-rays and scans available.

  • No need to remember and carry films to appointments.

  • Immediate access to X-rays and scans when travelling.

  • Ability to control who can see patient images and who can't.

  • Allow sharing with family members or doctors involved in a patients' care.

  • Easier storage.

  • Ecologically friendly (less film, paper and chemistry used).