1- How can I join?

Just visit our login page here (insert hyperlink) to create an account. By following the instructions on your screen and completing the necessary fields, you will then receive an email notification as verification. Once confirmed, you are ready to go!

2- How does it work? 

Once you’ve completed registration, you can begin by adding your information such as a photo, address, insurance provider, health issues, etc.  in order to create a profile.  You can then repeat the same process for all of your family members. You will then have visibility and the ability to track all activity on your dashboard.

3- What does Jinga Life do?

Jinga Life is a mobile, personalised, secure digital platform that allows the user to access and curate family members’ healthcare anywhere, anytime 24/7!

4- Is my information secure? 

Yes, the integrity of all data and communications is guaranteed by high levels of encryption, with access to the application made y username and encrypted password. The databases are housed in a high security center with 24 hour monitoring. We are extremely focused on insuring the total privacy of your information, and will maintain state-of-the-art security methods and procedures.

5- What devices can I use? 

Any mobile or web-based device can be used as long as you are able to launch a browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer.

6- Do I need to install/download the platform? 

You just need access to the internet; no installation is required.

7- How much does it cost? 

Once you've registered, it's free with no hidden costs.

8- How do I update to the latest version?

There is no need to update as we are a cloud-based solution so everything will happen automatically.