Alternative Staycation Ideas!

With summer holidays right around the corner you have probably started to think of what to do for your summer holiday! If going abroad isn’t your cup of tea, we have some great staycation ideas for you. These aren’t just your typical staycations though, we have some fun and quirky ideas for you and all the family to enjoy this summer! Maybe you fancy camping with an edge? Or want to live out a fairytale fantasy in a castle? Ireland has some spectacular options when it comes to alternative staycation ideas!



Long gone are the days of ordinary camping. Glamorous camping or ‘glamping’ as it is otherwise known, is all the rage these days. Load up the car and head away on an exciting glam camping trip like no other. There are plenty of glamping sites around Ireland. Most sites offer an array of different accommodation styles. You can choose to sleep in a yurt, a bell tent (i.e very fancy tent), or a glass dome to name but a few. Some sites have even gone a step further and converted old buses, caravans and planes into sleeping quarters for a staycation you and the family are set to remember!

Camper Vans

Why settle on one destination for your staycation when you can hit multiple sites and soak up as much of this beautiful country as possible? Hiring a camper van is a great way to see Ireland with the whole family. Another great thing about camper vans? Your accommodation is right there, no need to worry about booking hotels along the way! Make sure to phone ahead for camp sites though, as some do require booking, especially in the busy summer months. Some routes you can take on your camper can staycation include:

You can find a number of other routes here.

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Not in the mood for driving around Ireland? Why not take to the seas? There are a few ways you can boat around Ireland. You can choose from sail boats to barges cruising the canals. Obviously this type of holiday is for experienced swimmers only as the water can be dangerous. There are an array of options available, cruising the River Shannon is a popular choice.

Alternative Holiday Rentals

You have settled on a staycation for this year’s family trip, but you want to make it a bit special. Whilst hotels can be great fun, why not rent a unique holiday home for that extra something? Ireland offers a host of castles to rent for your staycation. You can also rent a lighthouse, or maybe you fancy embracing how the other half lived back in the day in a Georgian townhouse? Whatever type of accommodation takes your fancy, you’re sure to find it in Ireland!