How To Have A Happy Halloween: Keeping Your Kids Safe When Out Trick Or Treating

Halloween is a great time for kids with dressing up, games, and sweets! Sounds like a very hectic schedule and with the excitement of the night, safety needs to be a priority. It can be hard to get your children to understand the dangers of Halloween. Fireworks and bonfires are extremely exciting when you’re a child, it can be hard to grasp that these things can actually cause harm.


Ensure you and your family have a happy and healthy Halloween with our tips below.

Plan Ahead

Trick or treating involves a lot of walking for little legs. The last thing anybody wants is complaints when out and about showing off costumes to friends and neighbours. It can be difficult to accommodate everyone when trick or treating as older kids in your group may have a better stamina and want to go further afield in the search of sweet treats.

Plan your route in advance and perhaps even walk it a few times with your kids. See how far your little ones can go compared to your older kids. This will give you a good idea as to how long you can avoid any whinging.

On the night, if possible, bring another adult or two along with you. Decide among the group who stays with the kids who may want to continue on trick or treating when others have become a bit tired.

Know Which Houses To Visit

Some people can be Scrooge-like when it comes to Halloween and may not want little people banging on their doors looking for sweets. They are well within their rights to do so of course, so to avoid any nastiness only knock on houses that have lights on and decorations up. You can bet the house with the skeletons and pumpkins outside are going to be expecting trick or treaters. Those with the lights off and the TV volume down to a minimum not so much…

Photo by  rawpixel  on  Unsplash .

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash.

Stay Seen

Trick or treating is best kept to areas that are well lit. If you live in the countryside this can often be difficult so perhaps factor in heading to your nearest village or housing estate to carry out your Halloween night duties. If this isn’t an option be sure to wear high vis wear over costumes and bring torches.

Check Sweets Before Little Monsters Get Their Hands On Them

Lay out your child’s stash at the end of the night and have a look over the sweets they received. Throw away any you think may look a bit dodgy. Those that appear as though they’re not in their original wrappings, or look like they’ve been opened need to be disposed of ASAP. There have been reports from all over the world of children being given sweets while trick or treating that have been tampered with.

Photo by  NeONBRAND  on  Unsplash .

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash.

Keep Your Pets At Home

Your little ones may want to bring along the family pet when trick or treating but it is best to avoid bringing them along. Always ensure your pets are locked up safely inside during Halloween, especially if you are out and about. There have been reports of horrible behaviour towards animals on Halloween. Be firm with your child when it comes to them wanting to take your pet out.

Also make sure your child does not feed any of their Halloween sweets to your pets, as they can be highly toxic to animals.