Reasons For Healthcare Professionals To Embrace Digital Health Technology

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Going paperless is becoming more and more popular in every sector. Cutting down, or cutting out paper from your work environment has a host of benefits. This article is going to talk through reasons the Healthcare Sector should embrace digital health technology. 

It’s Good for the Environment 

The most obvious reason to go paperless with digital technology? The environmental benefits! 

  • The production of paper leads to deforestation, with thousands of trees being cut down to reach demand. 

  • It takes 1.5 cups of water to make one sheet of paper, going paperless helps save water! (Docusign)

  • Not only does the production of paper lead to high CO2 emissions, but getting the paper to where it needs to be is also taxing on the environment. 

You Save Room 

Filing cabinets housing all of those paper documents such as patient files can take up a lot of room! By going paperless and storing people’s information with GDPR compliant software you can reduce the need for paper documents, and save a lot of room! 

Quick Access - Anytime,Anywhere 

Having paper files means you only have access to your documents at a specific time (it’s not like you are going to drag a filing cabinet around with you). By going digital and saving files on devices like phones, tablets and computers you can have access to all of your files right in the palm of your hands! 

Harder to Lose

Ever find yourself ciphering through endless papers trying to locate a specific document? Us too! This can be made worse when you have a patient waiting for their results. By going digital with paperless filing, you’ll find it a lot easier to find and manage all of your documents. 

Safety First 

By going paperless and keeping files digital, you can increase the level of security your files have. Most devices require some form of security in the form of a passcode, fingerprint or facial recognition. This means your files are a lot safer than lying in an office or filing room. Getting confidential  information to administration staff is also made safer as you no longer have to scrawl messages to be added to their file for anyone to see en route. With digital you can send these messages to admin staff, or add to patient files straight away. 


Keep Your Patients Happy 

By embracing technology in healthcare, your patients will be made happier. With Apps and software like Jinga Life, patients are taking their and their family’s healthcare into their own hands. These digital platforms allow patients to track their health history, store their health records, and keep copies of their scans and Xrays. With doctors and healthcare professionals embracing this wave of digital healthcare, they can keep up to date with their patients. It will also make a visit to the doctor’s office or hospital a lot more efficient!