St. Patrick’s Day Inspired Desserts!

For St Patrick’s Day everything tends to go green: buildings, rivers, some people even turn their hair green for the occasion! So why not embrace the green by turning some of your favourite desserts green this St Patrick’s Day! How do I go about that we hear you ask? Continue reading for some of our favourite green dessert recipes!


Cute Cupcakes!

This one is fairly easy, and is great to get kids involved with! Make a standard cupcake or bun recipe. Next, make some buttercream and get creative using green food colouring - turn your butter icing various shades of green and get to piping! A cute idea is to use a light green buttercream to ice your cupcakes, and use a shamrock stencil to draw on dark green shamrock! Add to the green-ness by baking your cupcakes in green bun cases!

Shamrock Cookies!

Who doesn’t enjoy a good cookie or biscuit? Whilst green might not be the desired shade for a cookie 99% of the year, St Patrick’s Day is a whole other story. Again, this is a fairly simple idea but very effective, and a great way to entertain kids! Start by following your favourite cookie or biscuit recipe. You can add green food dye to the mixture in order to get a green cookie through and through or you can wait and ice the cookies with a green icing. Next, cut the dough into shamrock shapes (you can find cutters here, or use a stencil). To ice the cookies take some icing sugar and combine with water as per the packet instructions. Add some green food colouring and ice your shamrock cookies with your green icing!

Photo by  James Besser  on  Unsplash .

Photo by James Besser on Unsplash.

Ice Cream and Jelly goes green!

Ice cream and jelly is a classic when it comes to desserts. For St Patrick’s Day grab some green jelly and make as per the packet instructions. Once set, pair your green jelly with some green mint ice cream and voila! A green dessert that is super simple to prepare!

Lucky Charms Ice Cream Sandwiches

We saw this recipe and thought it was a great idea for St Patrick’s Day seeing as the Lucky Charms mascot is none other than a leprechaun! The recipe is a great one for kids to follow along with! Whilst the ingredients call for strawberry ice cream, we recommend switching this up for mint chocolate chip to keep on the green theme!

Photo by  Antonio Quagliata  from  Pexels .

Photo by Antonio Quagliata from Pexels.

Green Layer Cake

This one is pretty ambitious, but if you have patience (and six cake tins in your baking cupboard) it will surely be a showstopper at any event you have this St Patrick’s Day! The basic idea is to create six layers of cake in various shades of green and assemble them to create an ombre effect! Ice the cake with white buttercream in order for the inside to be a surprise! Find the recipe here.