The Benefits of Jinga Life

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Jinga Life’s vision is to place the Jinga and her family at the center of healthcare, to improve family health and improve the quality of healthcare delivery. The goal of Jinga Life is to promote the home as the centre of health and wellbeing through the following strategies:

Use telemedicine to stop people from coming to the hospital. 
With the use of the internet and electronic devices, healthcare professionals can give information, diagnose basic illnesses, give treatment and monitor health care outcomes without the need to see the patient face to face. It is envisaged that very soon 60% of the consultations can safely be done through technology.

Short hospital stay. 
The Jinga Life platform enables the Jinga to plan her family members’ hospitalization so that they are in and out of hospital as fast as possible. With the use of smart technology like predictive analytics, workflow informatics and best-practice electronic algorithms, the Jinga Life medical grade digital platform can facilitate rapid diagnosis, treatment and discharge. Support and follow-up protocols are all interlinked within the Jinga’s healthcare team and community. Short hospital stays mean financial savings and a quick return to the loved ones at home.

After-hospital support and monitoring prevents further hospitalization.
The Jinga Life medical grade digital platform links the hospital or the GP seamlessly and proactively to other healthcare professionals around the patient. With support from the appropriate caregivers the patient can stay at home with loved ones while using home monitoring devices and biomedical sensors. Any signs that the problem is getting worse will signal the medical professionals to take action and prevent further hospitalization.

Use of electronic devices for continuous monitoring.
Electronic sensors and wearable devices are becoming commonplace. It now easy to monitor a patient who wears a device and transmits information to the medical center. It has been estimated that by 2020 there will be 50 billion connected devices for monitoring health. The Jinga will make sure that the data is transmitted at the right time every day. This way the health center focuses on the patients’ wellbeing.

Promote personalised and preventative medicine.
Prevention and early diagnosis of disease is at the centre of Jinga Life’s philosophy. By generating relevant data and analytics through sensors and historical trends of patient records, Jinga Life can reach early and accurate diagnosis and provide early treatment. They can identify concerns before they become problems, and reduce admissions and unnecessary visits to the doctor’s rooms. Diseases can be prevented that way or if they develop the patient’s chances of surviving diseases and living a healthy life are increased many times. Also early treatment is more affordable.

Creation of lifetime records.
Jinga Life has the vision to support its members every step of the way from pregnancy, birth and early life (digital scheduling and charts, teleconsultations, ongoing monitoring), through childhood (immunisations, dental records) and the teenage years (sexual health, mental health, orthodontics). In adulthood the aim is to monitor chronic diseases and react to acute conditions or accidents, and stay with the patient through smart aging, assisted living (connectivity, monitoring, communication) and dignified dying (treatment, location, planning, wishes).

With the increases in chronic diseases there is greater need to provide personalized and preventative healthcare. Fortunately with advances in technology Jinga Life is armed very well with the necessary tools. They can and they are building a new world.

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Jinga life aims to make the life of the Jinga easier by providing a medical grade digital  platform on which Jingas can create health records for each one of her family members. Because she is in charge of family health she is the one who has had to take her family members to the doctor or to take care of them at home. Therefore Jinga Life will be a natural database of their health history. To keep those records safe for ever, Jinga Life allows Jingas to record them and access them, anytime, anywhere, 24/7.

Some of the data that Jingas record are past medical visits, upcoming appointments, medications, allergies, laboratory and examination results and vital and biometric data. She can update the records any time as she records doctors’ appointments and daily vital signs and diagnoses.

With family health records accessible by the Jinga and by caregivers, Jinga Life places the family at the center of health care. The Jinga is placed in the prominent position right at the core of her and her family’s health and wellbeing. She becomes a member of the Jinga Tribe where she is embraced, engaged, enabled and empowered. Never again will she despair in the face of illness because she has a lot of support and information from the Jinga Life.

By populating an electronic health record, designed and maintained by the Jinga for the family, extending primary care models to include the home, and using simple technologies to increase the connectivity between the Jinga and the various family healthcare professionals, Jinga Life places the Jinga at the centre of her healthcare team.