The top tip for tackling the dreaded Emergency Room chaos!

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One of our Jingas, Cindy Smith, got in contact to tell us her story of her A&E mix up, and how she now uses Jinga Life to ensure she has all her data with her at all times.

On her usual cycle home from work, Cindy fell. As she fell she hit her leg, and on gathering her bearings realised she must have broken a bone.


She immediately went to the emergency room to receive treatment for the break, and her pain.. Due to overcrowding in the emergency room Cindy had to wait 8 hours to receive her first triage, all the while in horrendous pain.

It was only after the triage, and waiting hours that Cindy received painkillers to dull her pain. After having an X-ray taken, she had to wait a further while in the hospital to receive the results.

Cindy recalls “Upon seeing the doctor enter my room I was initially relieved, I thought I was finally going to be able to fix the problem. But to my dismay, the doctor started to discuss problems in my arm! I realised immediately my doctor was evaluating the x-ray from another patient.”

Photo by  rawpixel  on  Unsplash

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

This was very unnerving for Cindy. After waiting what felt like a lifetime, alone, and in awful pain, she still didn’t know what was wrong with her leg. Cindy was then told by the doctor that they would have retake the X-ray, due to the originals being lost.

Cindy was distraught by this situation. Not having any other option at this point, they repeated the X-ray process, all the while Cindy was consistently in pain. Eventually her X-ray was assessed, and Cindy was sent for immediate surgery on her femur bone.

If Cindy had had Jinga Life in this situation she may have been able to avoid the confusion. Jinga Life allows you to take control of your data. Cindy may have been able to sort out her broken femur a lot sooner by immediately tracking the results from her x-ray. Not only that, but in this case both doctor and patient would have had the correct information. This would have meant Cindy’s situation would have been dealt with a lot faster. The doctors would have been able to efficiently assess the situation, and would have been able to give Cindy the operation she desperately needed a lot sooner.

Cindy says, “Since this episode occurred, a friend has introduced me to Jinga Life and all of it’s benefits. It is immensely reassuring that I can carry all my results and health data with me everywhere I go. By being able to share access to my records, I can help health professionals asses any problems that I have quickly and efficiently”.

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Cindy is a firm believer in Jinga Life, and its ability to store all of your medical data, "I have blood results going back the last 18 months."

Cindy remarks that you don’t have to be a tech wizard to get to grips with Jinga Life, "it's very user friendly."

See what Jinga Life can for you and try it today, it's completely free!