12 Weeks Into Your Pregnancy; Find out what's Happening In The Womb?

Wow! Week 12 already, can you believe it? It may feel like yesterday that you first started to suspect you were expecting. At week 12 things become even more real than previous weeks.

Week 12 In The Womb

At week 12 your baby is about the size of a plum! Perhaps the biggest development to take place in the womb at week 12 is the fact that your baby’s reflexes are “kicking” in (see what we did there…?) Your baby will begin to open and close their fingers and toes.

Symptoms at Week 12

The end of week 12 marks the end of your first trimester. How exciting! However, although varying from person to person, you may experience some of these symptoms.

Dizzy Spells & Headaches: The shifting hormones in your body are probably the main cause of these dizzy spells and headaches. Ensure you snack regularly and up your water intake to ease the dizziness. Should your headaches persist and feel intense, it could be a migraine. Contact your doctor just to be safe, especially if accompanied by other symptoms.

Increased Discharge: An increase in clear discharge is completely normal, it’s there to protect against any infections. However, should you notice the discharge is a brown, green, pink, yellow contact your doctor immediately. These colours can be an indicator of an infection or preterm labour.  

Photo by  Vitor Pinto  on  Unsplash

Photo by Vitor Pinto on Unsplash

Pregnant Belly At 12 Weeks

At 12 weeks, your belly is officially a bump! That is to say that it will more than likely be very obvious that you are pregnant. A lot of people decide to tell family and friends at 12 weeks due to this fact. If you’re expecting twins then it’s probably been obvious you’re expecting for a while longer, double the baby equals double the bump!

Keeping Healthy

Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your healthy lifestyle. Light exercise that isn’t too strenuous is recommended. Some even claim exercising can ease labour. If you haven’t got one already, we recommend an exercise ball.

12 Week Scan

Most people at week 12, will have an ultrasound or scan. If you’ve had a previous scan in your pregnancy, you might notice at week 12 that you see a clearer picture of your baby.

Unfortunately your 12 week scan will not be able to tell you the gender of your baby. This is often only clear at your week 20 scan.

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Photo by  Almos Bechtold  on  Unsplash