Ever Wondered How Your Baby Is Developing In The Womb? Weeks 3-6 In The Womb

First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy! There is often a lot of chat about the development of your baby once it’s born, but what about what’s happening inside the womb up until the birth of your baby? How does your body change, and what should you be doing to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Week 3 In The Womb

We’re sure you don’t need the birds and the bees talk, but long story short a sperm and an egg met and tada! You’re pregnant!

At Week 3 it’s still early on in your pregnancy, and you may not be able to tell you’re expecting.

Symptoms at 3 Weeks

As we’ve said, 3 weeks is very early on in the pregnancy to be noticing any symptoms. However, as the pregnancy hormone increases your body will start to have certain reactions which indicate pregnancy.

Nausea: Probably the most common symptom, nausea is caused by the pregnancy hormone hCG. Often people refer to this as morning sickness, but the waves of nausea aren’t too fussy on the time of day they appear. If you feel the sensation to be sick quite often it can be possible you’re a bit further along than you think. Or (not to frighten you) you may be expecting twins! Twins means extra bouts of hCG which equals more nausea.

Missed Period: Often a missed period is a dead indicator of a pregnancy, however it’s best to take a pregnancy test, or consult your doctor on this one as missed periods can be caused by stress etc.

Pregnant Belly at 3 Weeks

At 3 weeks your appearance won’t be showing any indicator that you are pregnant. Your tummy will remain the same, although you may feel slightly bloated.

Keeping Healthy

It is important to remember that even though you’re pregnant it’s still a bit early to adopt the “eating for two (or three)” mentality. Keep a healthy lifestyle and be careful not to overindulge. You can calculate how much weight you should be gaining here.

Photo by  Kelly Sikkema  on  Unsplash

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Week 6 In The Womb

Pregnancy is still very new to you, so it’s normal to feel a bit emotional and all over the place. Your hormones are now really beginning to fluctuate (think PMS x 1000, yikes!).

Symptoms at 6 Weeks

Your baby is now the size of a lentil. Facial features are forming, and there are little black spots where their eyes will be.

Nausea: Yep, the sickness isn’t going anywhere we’re afraid! Those hormones we mentioned before are still playing with your system, making you feel ill. If you are expecting twins your nausea can be very severe.

Sore Breasts: Your body is already preparing to breastfeed your baby. Increased blood flow can cause your boobs to become sore.

Gas & Bloating: Increased levels in progesterone in your body can cause gas and bloating. Eat plenty of fibre to avoid constipation (the joys of pregnancy, eh?)

Pregnant Belly at 6 Weeks

Whilst your baby has grown a little bit, it’s still fairly tiny. You may look a bit bloated, but it won’t be obvious you’re expecting. So you can keep your pregnancy a secret for a little while longer.

Keeping Healthy

Due to the increased sickness you may be experiencing it’s important to keep healthy. Some tips to ease sickness:

  • Avoid spicy or greasy food.

  • Drink plenty of fluids

  • Indulge healthy cravings

If you are into your exercise we have good news. Exercise has been proven to:

  • Improve posture

  • Maintain muscle tone

  • Aids in sleeping

  • Counterbalances leg cramps, swelling and fatigue.

Photo by  John Looy  on  Unsplash

Photo by John Looy on Unsplash