24 & 30 Weeks: You’re Nearly There, So What’s Going On In The Womb?

Week 24 In The Womb

At week 24 your baby is about a footlong, about the size of a papaya or small cantaloupe (yikes!). Your baby weighs about 1.3 pounds at this stage. 24 weeks can seem like it’s 6 months pregnant but in truth you are just over 5 months and 1 week pregnant due to the fact that most months are longer than just 4 weeks. Although it probably feels like a lot longer…

Photo by  megan lynette  on  Unsplash .

Photo by megan lynette on Unsplash.

Symptoms at 24 Weeks

Symptoms at 24 weeks are probably the most uncomfortable and annoying symptoms of pregnancy you’ve experienced thus far (sorry).

Stretch Marks: Probably the most common symptom of pregnancy, stretch marks can really knock your confidence, but they are very natural and most pregnant women get them. Good news is there are ways and means to reduce stretch marks.

Swollen Ankles: Again, this is one of those symptoms that everyone knows about. Mention pregnancy people think swelling. To help reduce swelling it’s recommended to elevate your feet when sitting, or take a walk. Whilst swelling is normal, if your face is puffy or the swelling in your legs, ankles or feet is uneven you may have preeclampsia, a pregnancy complication, alert your doctor immediately.

Pregnant Belly At 24 Weeks & Keeping Healthy

You’ve probably already felt your baby kick a few times but at 24 weeks those kicks will start to feel a lot stronger. Your partner may even be able to feel the kicks now.

It is recommended a woman of normal weight gain 14-16 pounds at this stage of her pregnancy. If you have gained more than that don’t panic, now is not a good time to start any kind of dieting. Cut back on junk food intake, we know cravings can drive you crazy but it’s best to be very aware of what you’re putting in your body now more than ever.

Week 30 In The Womb

As you enter week 30 of your pregnancy your baby is about the size of a cabbage! And about 3 pounds heavy. At week 30 you are only 10 weeks (give or take) away from baby’s arrival, can you believe it?

Symptoms At 30 Weeks

Lack of Sleep: It can be very difficult to get comfy in your bed when you’re into this stage of your pregnancy. Tossing and turning can often lead to a lack of sleep.

Heartburn: Foods that are spicy, greasy, heavy or acidic may not have had much effect pre pregnancy but during your pregnancy it can spark heartburn with just a bite. Keep track of the foods you are eating in order to cut them out of your diet for the time being.

Shortness of Breath: The space around those lungs of yours are getting very crowded at this stage. Baby is still very high up at 30 weeks, making it hard to breath. In a few weeks you’ll get your breath back as baby moves down towards your pelvis.

Pregnant Belly At 30 Weeks & Keeping Healthy

Your belly probably feels very tight and hard at times. This may be due to Braxton Hicks contractions which are very common at this stage. They often occur after sex or exercise, or if you are dehydrated. To elevate these, lie on your side and drink plenty of water. If they continue for more than an hour it might be preterm labour so get yourself to a doctor or hospital soon.

Week 30 weight gain is 18-24 pounds, 25-40 pounds if you’re having twins. If you’ve gained more weight or are worried about weight gain, relax. If you choose to breastfeed, these fatty reserves will help with that. Bodies are pretty amazing, right?

Photo by  megan lynette  on  Unsplash .

Photo by megan lynette on Unsplash.