Only A Short While To Go: Weeks 36 & 40 In The Womb

Week 36 In The Womb

Can you believe you’re at 36 weeks already? At this moment in time your baby is about the size of a head of Romaine Lettuce! Baby is starting to fill out their skin, getting plump, weighing about 5.7 pounds!

At 36 weeks you are entering the ninth, and final, month of pregnancy!


Symptoms At 36 Weeks

Pelvic Discomfort: Baby is making their way down, hence why you might be sensing some discomfort in your pelvic region. It’s important to be very aware of any persistent pains - these may be contractions.

Easier To Breathe: Some good news at last! Due to the fact that baby has moved down your body, your lungs have a little more room.

Heartburn: On the flip side of breathing being made that bit easier, your baby is now settled around your digestive system. This means that it can’t perform in the way it once did pre baby taking up residence, causing heartburn. Only take relief for heartburn that has been okayed by your doctor.

Braxton Hicks Contractions: Many women show up at the hospital mistaking the pains they are feeling for labour. Braxton Hicks contractions are irregular and often don’t hurt. They take place when your abdomen area, uterus, and/or groin tighten and relax.

Pregnant Belly At 36 Weeks & Keeping Healthy

A woman of normal BMI pre pregnancy will have gained about the recommended 25-30 pounds at this stage in her pregnancy. With this excess weight and an extended tummy you have probably taken to waddling rather than walking. It is unlikely that you will gain much more weight at these later stages in your pregnancy so hang on in there!

When it comes to exercising, many women keep up a light exercise regime even at this stage. It is important to consult your doctor before undertaking any form of exercise during your pregnancy. Light exercise such as yoga can be very beneficial, helping to build muscles used in labour.

Photo by  Andrew Itaga  on  Unsplash

Week 40 In The Womb

Week 40 is technically your due week, but often can stretch to 42 weeks. At this stage of the pregnancy baby is now the size of a watermelon! Weighing over 7.5 pounds.

While you may be eyeing watermelons in the fruit section of your local supermarket with great fear - relax, your body is capable of amazing things!

Symptoms At 40 Weeks.

Leg Cramps: There’s a lot of pressure on your pelvis and lower body. This can lead to your legs cramping. It is recommended do some calf stretches to loosen the cramps.

Sleepless Nights: Leg cramps can occur at night and prevent you from sleeping. This on top of a general restlessness can mean you’re left tossing and turning. Take some steps to relax before bedtime such as reading.

Contractions: It’s more than likely that these contractions are the real deal at this stage in your pregnancy. If you think they are something more than Braxton Hicks, start timing how far apart they are and get to your hospital ASAP!

Labour: Baby is on it’s way!

Those contractions you are feeling? Once they begin to last one minute or longer, you will be in active labour. They tend to occur fast and hard during this stage. An intense pain will be felt in your stomach, lower back and upper thighs. Every woman experiences labour in their own way, but one thing is for sure: it is like something you have never felt before.