A ‘Real-Time’ Connection: A Closer Look At Affidea Connect

Photo by  Marek Levák  on  Unsplash

Affidea Connect launched in August 2019, giving patients and doctors the opportunity to share medical information in real-time. By using the Jinga Snap Platform patients and doctors alike can view images and reports all on the comfort of a smartphone, tablet or computer. Affidea Connect CEO, Barry Downes told BizPlus: “We look forward to implementing this new software for the benefit of our patients and doctors, and working collaboratively with our partners across the healthcare industry to develop the very best clinical solutions for patients all over Europe.”

Affidea connect is broken up into two sections, Affidea Connect for patients and Affidea Connect Doctor. Let’s take a further look at both of these sections individually:

Affidea Connect Patient

Affidea Connect allows patients immediate access to their images from scans, MRIs and Ultrasounds as well as reports from the clinician attending to the patient. All of this information is secure, the platform being fully GDPR compliant. 

You can also choose to share your data with those who need to be in the know with Affidea Connect. Whether you want to share with a family member or friend, or a doctor, the feature to share your scans and reports with others makes discussing your wellness and healthcare a lot easier. 

All of this allows patients to be proactive in managing their own healthcare. By having access to images from scans, X-Rays and/or ultrasounds as well as reports from their doctors, patients feel involved in their health journey. 


Affidea Connect Doctor

Affidea Connect Doctor gives clinicians easy access to all images and reports from all of their patients. The layout of Affidea gives clinicians the options to filter reports, seeing when reports are available to view, and if any related studies exist. 

With a full suite of assessment tools available, images from scans can be viewed and analyzed easily. A radiologist's report will also accompany these images (once available) allowing doctors to easily read whilst viewing the scans. 

Studies and reports on patients can easily be shared with colleagues should further consultation or opinion be needed. This is very helpful for doctors who wish to refer patients to colleagues whose specialties may align more with the results of the scans and reports from the radiologist. 

For example, in surgical planning, an oncologist might require a consult from an orthopedic surgeon. This can be easily done through Affidea connect by sharing images of scans and reports on the patient. This makes planning for surgery or other courses of treatment much more efficient should more than one specialty of medicine be required.  

Together with Jinga Life, Affidea Connect is helping to lead the way in patients taking control and being proactive when it comes to their health and the health of their families. The platform is also allowing doctors to work more efficiently and collaboratively, allowing for a more patient-focused experienced in hospitals and clinics all around Ireland.