5 Reasons We Need Doctors To Be More ‘Tech Friendly’


At Jinga Life, we are all about embracing technology in the medical field. From going paperless and benefiting the environment, to making more time to spend with patients by using technology for admin purposes. 

While as humans, we are all hard-wired to be suspicious of change, switching to a more tech-centered medical environment has a lot of benefits for doctors and patients alike. 

That’s why in this blog post, we are talking through 5 Reasons We Need Doctors To Be More Tech-Friendly: 

1. Patients Are Changing, So You Should Too

Look around you on any bus, street or waiting room and you’ll see people glued to their phone. Technology is just a part of everyday life now. Patients who embrace this technology, want a better way to manage their health. The introduction of apps and platforms such as Jinga LifeJinga Snap and Affidea Connect ( one of our clients) allows people to become much more proactive in their healthcare. These apps allow doctors to connect with their patients through the use of technology. Sharing scans and X-Rays, and full medical history is made possible at the touch of a button. In order to keep up with patients who want the convenience of their health and wellness filed in their phones, it is vital for doctors to break with tradition and embrace the change. 

2. Screens Are Better Than Paper

Yes, paper can be recycled but it can only be put through the process of recycling about 5-7 times (The New York Times). So, in an environmentally conscious world, switching from paper to a screen on a device is extremely beneficial. Using technology also means you save room in your work environment. Filing digitally can also make it easier and more convenient to access patients medical records. Apps like Jinga Life are fully GDPR compliant so it’s much safer than using sheets of paper containing confidential information. 

3. You’ll Become Much More Efficient

As a doctor or health care professional, you know it’s all about time spent with your patients. The longer you can spend with them the better, right? Technology can help relieve some of the pressure of administration. When you are rushing around taking care of patients the last thing on your mind is filing, and charts. 

Nowadays, a technology that makes medical admin easier is widely available. You can find devices that transcribe your medical notes automatically. Google is even working on medical technology that transcribes and takes relevant notes on doctor to patient conversations automatically.  

4. Technology Can Make Your Job Easier 

Medical Technology can make your job much easier. Advancements in the instruments you use everyday as a doctor such as a digital stethoscope that boosts the sound received, encodes and decodes, and even allows for the sounds to be shared via amplifying devices. This can allow for a quicker diagnosis to be made. 

Technology has also lent a hand in the creation of telemedicine, meaning you can communicate with patients in the comfort of their own home. This makes things much more efficient, especially if location or time restraints apply.  


5.  It’s The Way Forward…

Technology is the way forward, there’s really no two ways about it. When you look at advancements such as 3D Printing, and the use of artificial organs 

that have been made in recent years, especially in the medical field it is clear to see that it is important to embrace technology when it comes to practicing medicine.