GDPR. What You Need To Know About it: The Ins & Outs

GDPR has been big news on Jinga Life lately. In the age of digital health, we’re promoting a solution to owning and protecting your data in the healthcare system.


Let’s Review...

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It is an EU wide law as of May 2018. GDPR ensures that data is handled appropriately by companies, and government bodies. The law increases the extent of data protection laws. Anyone handling data across the EU is now under greater obligation to protect said data. GDPR also increases the rights of “data subjects” i.e. you, to access their information, as well as the rights to modify and erase. 

So, How Does Jinga Life Fit Into This?

Jinga Life is a fully GDPR compliant app that allows you, the user, to take control of their information. Let’s be honest, hospitals and healthcare workers are often overworked, mistakes from admin to patient data can be made. Wouldn’t it be great if instead of depending on others to find your info, you could have access to all of you and your families health records to share with your doctor, whether in their office or in A&E.

All of this information is stored in a fully GDPR compliant way, so you can rest assured your data is only accessed by those you give permission to.

I Use Jinga Life, But My Doctor/Hospital Doesn’t…

Introducing Jinga Snap, Jinga Life’s sibling. Jinga Snap is steered toward doctors and hospitals in order for them to store and share patients information and images (MRI’s, scans, X-rays) with GP’s, referring doctors, and you - the patient.

Jinga Snap now allows you Jinga Life users to gain access to your images and reports on your smart phone or device.

Jinga Snap eradicates the need for hospitals and doctors to use CD’s to store your data. By using the app to share your data with doctors, Jinga Snap is aiding the Irish Healthcare system into the digital health era.

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