Family Festival Survival Guide: What To Take With You!


You’ve booked the tickets, you know how you’re getting there, now it is time to actually get packing. Knowing what essentials to bring with you to a family festival can be tricky. Oftentimes, you’ll find yourself over packing. This can be ok if you are packing up the car to head somewhere in Ireland, the UK, or France, but if you’re heading off on an airplane, you may need to stick to the bare minimum. We’ve put together a packing guide as part of our Family Festival Survival Guide!


You’ve chosen your family festival from our helpful Family Festivals at home or abroad lists, and now it’s time to get packing!

Day Pass

You’ve decided just to do the one day of festival going, or perhaps you are opting for staying in a local hotel and Airbnb rather than camping. For the day trip to a festival, essential items to pack include:

  • Sunscreen - for kiddies and adults.

  • Snacks - prices for food and snacks can be very high at some festivals, so save yourself a few bobs and be prepared with snacks, again for both the kids and you.

  • Wet Wipes - an essential for all occasions with kids.

  • Rain jackets - don’t bother with heavy raincoats, instead, buy some foldable jackets that can be packed away into their own pockets. Saves on space and weight!

  • Portable phone charger - you’ll probably have an early start and a late finish, with little to no access to plugs in between so remember a portable charger.

  • Wellies - if it’s raining or has been raining and you are heading to a field type scenario, wellies are essential.

Photo by  Sharon McCutcheon  from  Pexels

Camping Pass  

If you are opting for a camping pass, you will need to pack all of the above, depending on what type of camping you have chosen you may need a tent. Be sure to get one that is big enough for all the family, as skimping on size could lead to chaos when there are screams of “I don’t want to sleep next to…” and “they snore too loud”, a little more physical space gives everyone a little more headspace. You may also need:

  • Sleeping bags

  • Extra blankets - depending on how many are in the tent/yurt/camper van, things can get very cold at night so be sure to have a few spare blankets on you.

  • Loo roll - need we say more?

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Calpol/Paracetamol -   just in case.

  • Dry shampoo - a godsend if there ever was one!

  • Ear plugs - if you intend on heading to a few music acts with kids in tow, protect little eardrums with some ear plugs.

  • Water - you can never have enough.

  • A small first aid kit.

  • Duct tape - things can get broken very easily at festivals, duct tape is handy for holes in tents or wellies.

  • Food - seems obvious but you can save a small fortune if you batch cook some meals and bring them with you, depending on where you’re going and how long for. If you are opting to buy food on site, pack some metal or paper straws to cut down on rubbish. Bamboo drinking cups and plates are available from most retailers and are reusable so no waste!

Before packing, take note of our top tip:

Do your research:

If you are heading abroad to a family festival, do your research and see what services/facilities are on site. You can often rent or buy tents/sleeping bags/ raincoats at these places, which means no surcharge for baggage that is too heavy. It’s also a good idea to Google and see if there are any grocery stores or shopping centres around where you can pick some essentials up such as snacks, wet wipes, loo roll etc.

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