Family Festival Survival Guide: Getting Organised!

Photo by  from  Pexels

Photo by from Pexels

The whole family heading off to a festival can need a bit more planning and precision than your average holiday. You and your partner may be experienced festival goers, or perhaps you reckon you have the family holiday down to a tee, the family festival is a different scenario altogether. We have put together a Family Festival Survival Guide to ensure you have the best time possible at your family festival, whether you are at home or abroad. First up in our series, Getting Organised!

Before you book...

It’s very important to consider the logistics before you book your tickets. Yes, a music and arts festival with a dedicated kids corner in a sunny climate sounds amazing, but when you factor in getting there, what you need to pack, and how many of you are going, things can get tricky.

Research everything before you shell out a small fortune for a ticket. This includes researching:

  • Nearest Airport

  • Nearest Hospitals

  • Nearest Hotels (in case camping doesn’t go to plan)

  • Public transport links

  • Ferry or plane ticket cost

  • Camping type and availability

  • Are kids cots/beds/sleeping bags provided

  • Security at the event

  • Google some reviews and see how other parents felt about their experience at that particular festival.

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Getting There…

Figuring out how you are going to get there is a big part of any festival, whether you are at home and abroad.

Public transport is often the best option if you are heading to a festival at home. Car parking can be a nightmare at busy events; traffic congestion is also fairly in areas around festivals. Save some time, and help the environment, and take a bus, train, or tram to the event if possible.

If you are heading abroad, the ferry to the UK or France can be very helpful - especially if you are taking the whole family. If you are heading somewhere on a plane, be sure to check baggage restrictions of the individual airline. Make sure the airport you are flying to isn’t too far away, and be sure that there is plenty of child friendly transport options on the other side.

Plan Your Schedule

When it comes to festivals, knowing what acts you want to see, what talks you wish to attend, and what performances you want to head to is key!

When you have the family in tow, it’s even more important to plan a schedule. One that works around your children’s routine is probably best. Ed Sheeran may be hitting the stage at 6, but if that interferes with dinnertime you’ll have to be prepared to move things around or miss out on certain acts. Consider how adjustable your routine is before booking your ticket, if you’re going to miss the majority of things you were hoping to do due to a schedule conflict then perhaps it’s best to wait a few years until your kids are older and find it easier to adapt to a change in routine.

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