Jinga Life, your health solution

Our current health system, at a glance, can be a complex thing. It would seem that there is always something to do with the Irish health ecosystem on the News or in the daily papers. It can be an uneasy time for us, as users of the current system. If we were to fall ill, would help be provided efficiently? What information do I have access to? And do I handle that data? How does the system handle the medical data? These are all valid questions, and it can be mind boggling to think about to say the least!

We here at Jinga Life, however, want to make your life, and especially your health, that bit more manageable.

Photo by  Cassidy Phillips  on  Unsplash


Jinga Life was created to give you, the family’s primary caregiver, the chance to take you and your family’s health care into your own hands. Manage everything to do with your family’s health care in one place!

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We spend so much time on our phones as it is, so why not make it a tool with which you can coordinate your family’s health? With the modern times we live in, it makes sense to take back some of the power when it comes to health care, and manage your information yourself. While that may seem like a lot more work than you’re expecting, it’s actually very simple! Like everything nowadays, there’s an app for that!


As we’ve mentioned, when you enter a system it’s easy to lose track of your own personal info, as well as your family members’ info. The process of tracking down and retrieving information from the health ecosystem can be a long journey. By using Jinga Life, you can keep track of your medical history. Keeping a list of all previous and future appointments, medications, and illnesses. In a world where things can seem uncertain, isn’t it a comfort to know all your medical needs are being looked after in a fully GDPR compliant space?

Jinga Life is not just for keeping track of appointments and medication. It can be used to input data about any illnesses. This is a great step in preventative medical care. Isn’t it better to be able to see and plot your and your family’s medical stats, and not be caught off guard by any surprises. Of course, we can’t see everything coming but it’s a relief to have something looking out for you and yours, everywhere you go!

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