Join the Jinga Tribe!

For centuries women have been the prime caregivers in the family.

Women, or Jingas as we affectionately call you ladies, are the ones who have cared for, cooked for, and provided for the needs of their families since time began. As our way of life has evolved, the means by which women take care of the family unit has changed.

Women are now pursuing careers as well as maintaining the family unit. Doing the school
run, washing uniforms, cooking dinners and preparing lunches are just a few of the items on
the agenda of the modern woman.

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With this in mind, Jinga Life was created. Not only is Jinga Life based around the idea of
having access to all previous medical records online, future doctors appointments, and
tracking all family members wellbeing at your fingertips, it allows you to create and build
relationships with fellow Jingas. Hence, the Jinga Tribe was born.

What is the Jinga Tribe?

The Jinga Tribe is the community from which Jinga Life is built around. The Jinga Tribe is made up of women of all walks of life. The stay at home Mum to the working Mom with sky high career prospects, the Jinga Tribe is inclusive of all Mothers out there.

Women have always been the ones to instil a confidence in their partners and children. They
inspire their family members to pursue their loves, interests and hobbies in life
. Now, what if
there was a community built around you? A community to inspire and support you in one of
life’s greatest missions, motherhood. Well, that is exactly what the Jinga Tribe is. A community of strong, empowered women who, whilst fully capable of caring for their families, aren’t afraid to turn to Jinga Life and it’s Jinga Tribe and seek advice on a range of subjects, from caring for your newborn to cooking for your family on a gluten free diet, storing your medical records and investing in your personal health, Jinga Life makes living a healthy lifestyle that bit easier.

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By being a part of the Jinga Tribe, you are able to fit your busy lifestyle around the needs of
your family. The Jinga is a selfless being, she has her own hopes and dreams for herself
and her career, but realises her family needs her to take care of them. Being the sole
caregiver can often feel like a lonely path, but by joining the Jinga Tribe you gain access to a
community of fellow Jingas, all dealing with the same issues.

The Jinga Tribe has many advantages for its members. Jinga Life is focused around the idea
that health is not something to be considered only when one falls ill.
Healthcare and nutrition
is at the forefront of the Jinga way of life! The Jinga Tribe are believers in this sentiment. By
being in the Jinga Tribe you can keep track of your families overall wellbeing. It is peace of mind for the Jinga. It is also a platform from which to gain advice on a number of subjects that concern the Jinga. You can build a circle of family members, aiding you in looking after their health. You can also collaborate with fellow Jingas and see what they’re doing to care
for their family members.

The Jinga Tribe is a group of empowered women, the protector and nurturer of the family.
She has an innate instinct to care for her loved ones, a power only a woman can possess.
She is fierce, capable and strong, with an ability to always put her children and partner first.
Our Jinga Tribe celebrates this, but realises in these modern busy times it can be hard for
the Jinga to keep up. Jinga Life hopes to relieve some of the stress of running the home in
the twenty-first century by helping the Jinga in her goals of keeping track of her family’s
health and fitness. In joining the Jinga Tribe you gain a sense of relief in knowing you and
your family are gaining access to a range of healthy lifestyle advice, and a system that can
keep up to date with the busy Jinga!

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