New Mom Survival Guide - tips for taking care of yourself

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Infants tend to keep you awake during the night. Luckily they tend to sleep many hours per day. In the morning when your baby is still sleeping quickly bath, eat and clean. When the baby wakes up bath him and feed him and play with him. If you still have things to do and baby wants attention, put he on your back in a sling. As long as your baby is close to you he will be happy and relaxed. Within a few minutes he will fall asleep and you can lay it down. Then you can finish your chores.

1. Rest
You need rest during the day therefore take a nap during one of your baby’s naps.

2. Exercise
Have you seen how celebrities quickly firm up their bodies after giving birth? That is because they start training as soon as they can. Do something about the weight that you put on during pregnancy and the loose belly muscles.

Walking is simple exercise but it will burn any excess fat that you might have gained during pregnancy. Why not take a daily stroll with the baby every afternoon for between 30 and 60 minutes? If there is a park in your neighborhood you will meet other mothers there for a chat. After a few weeks of walking daily with your baby, you will be amazed how much weight you lose.

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Abdominal exercises: Weak abdominal muscles are every mother’s challenge. You cannot fit in time to go to the gym but do not despair. Abdominal and waist trimming exercises can be done on the floor without any equipment or weights.

Use one of baby’s nap times for your exercises instead of watching television. Remember that your abdominal muscles have different groups and you only benefit if you do exercises that work all the groups. See this chart for no-equipment abdominal exercises. Even better you can print this pdf chart.

Select exercises for upper abdominals, lower abdominals, the six packs, the obliques, and the core and do them several times per week. Very soon your abdomen will be firm again and you can look great in your clothes again.

Other exercises: As your baby grows and plays and crawls around on the floor, you can do even more exercises while playing. So firm up your chest, legs, butt and arms while playing with your baby.

Kegel exercises: After a few weeks of recovery continue your Kegel exercises to firm up your vaginal and the pelvic floor muscles that were weakened during baby’s birth. After a few months of daily exercises your vaginal muscles will be as strong as it was before you gave birth. Even your man will feel it when you make love.

Conclusion: Use your time as a new mother wisely. Make sure you stay fit and you firm up your body the way the celebrities do. If you can be disciplined with your first baby you are most likely going to be disciplined in the future so develop good fitness habits now.

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