Tackle Your Summer Holiday Head On: Part 3: While You’re There

We’ve gone through prepping for your summer holiday and what to do to get you there. Now that you’ve reached your destination it’s time to talk through what to do when you’re there. From planning out activities to keep the little ones occupied to staying safe, we’ve got you covered.

Activities on Holiday

Those hours of trying to avoid the sun when on holiday can be a nightmare if your children aren’t kept occupied. Between the heat and a lack of stimulus, holidays can prove stressful when it comes to keeping kids entertained. If you’re lucky enough to have a kids club at your hotel, check it out and see if it’s for your kid. If your hotel doesn’t provide this service, or you don’t think your child(ren) will go for it, we have some ideas as to how you can keep the kiddies busy!

Photo by  Filios Sazeides  on  Unsplash

We realise you obviously don’t have masses of space in your luggage so we’re keeping it simple here.

  • Bring Playing Cards

If there’s anything that can kill a bit of downtime it’s a deck of playing cards. A simple game of snap can provide a lot of entertainment. Games like “Go Fish” are a firm family favourite. If you have young kids, invest in a deck of cards that aid in learning to count, or different shapes, or animals. Avoiding the sun between 12-3pm is important for all members of the family so don’t forget the big people deck!

Photo by  Inês Ferreira  on  Unsplash
  • Make a Movie

We’re not expecting the next big blockbuster (although you never know...), but seeing as you’ll more than likely have your phone or tablet on holiday with you, your kids can use your camera to get in touch with their creative side. Making mini movies or stop motion movies can be a great source of entertainment for your kids, and it’s at no expense so win/win really!

Photo by  Jakob Owens  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Staying Safe

Holidays are a big deal for children, a new environment can be overwhelming. You as a parent obviously don’t want to scare your child, but it is important to emphasise staying safe in this new place. We don’t want to put a damper on any fun activities you have planned for the family when you’re abroad, but we would encourage always keeping safety in mind.

Here are some ideas to keep the kids safe on holiday.

  • Prepare Them

If they’re old enough, try teaching them a few phrases in the language of the place you’re visiting. This way they can tell someone they have lost sight of you, or where there hotel is. If they’re a bit too young, write some phrases down and tuck them in their pocket to give to someone if they do wander.

  • Check Out The Hotel/Room

When you arrive at your hotel or villa, have a quick look around for any safety hazards. Make sure your little ones can’t squeeze through any balcony bars, or that they can’t run off to the pool without your notice.

Photo by  Vita Vilcina  on  Unsplash

Photo by Vita Vilcina on Unsplash

  •  Allergy Awareness

If you or any of your family members has an allergy, let staff at the hotel you are staying at aware of this. Remember to pack any medication you may need if an allergic reaction occurs.

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