GDPR in practice: Jinga Julie's story of her mammogram

We have been talking a lot about owning your data, and how GDPR compliant app Jinga Life can help you keep control of your data in a safe, easy to use environment.

But what are the real life implications of a health system that seems to have you jump through hoops in order to have access to your data?

Julie Xavier had to face a problem with gaining access to her mammogram results. It was a long path, but eventually she gained access to her results. This is her story.


Back in 2012 I went to a GP who identified a lump in my breast, and recommended I go to the hospital close to my house. I went there and scheduled a mammogram. Everything went well during the exam but the physician requested a biopsy, just to be 100% sure that the lump was benign.

I went to the biopsy, and everything looked great. However, I had to wait 2 weeks to get the results and with this I was only being given them via a phone call. I requested the images from the nurse during the call and was told I they needed to be requested through your doctor.

So, I go back to my doctor and am told my doctor has been transferred to Australia! At that moment I was so upset that I could not reach images and the results from my own body!  I felt as though my own health wasn’t actually mine, due to the fact that the images belonged to the hospital and not myself.


Julie was then introduced to Jinga Life in 2018, and began to take comfort in the fact she could now own her medical data.

I felt that situation was completely wrong and very stressful. Now I use Jinga Life and keep all my medical images and results with me on my phone. It’s great to know I can reach them whenever I need or want to.

Before I used to scan and save all material in my GDrive cloud, which was lengthy and time consuming. Now I have migrated all my medical records to Jinga Life. It is super user friendly and I can use it to reach any medical record as and when I need them!

The best bit about Jinga Life for Julie?

Something that I really like about Jinga Life is the ability to share my data with my family.

I am so glad I have found a great way to visualize and store all my health data in one place!

If you wish to find out more about how Jinga Life can help you take control of your health please visit our website and try Jinga Life completely free!

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