Our own health love story must change!​​​​​​​

We’ve all been there; the washing is piled high, the dishes on the sink are in danger of getting up and walking away by themselves they’re that dirty, and there’s nothing in the fridge for you and your other half’s dinner. The last thing on your busy mind is when the next doctor’s appointment is scheduled for or remembering what the results of that blood test you had two months ago were. Life is busy juggling your kids, your career, and your home life.

This is where Jinga Life kicks in!

Photo by  Sascha Berner  on  Unsplash

The Benefits

Jinga Life allows you to take back some of that control you fear you may have lost along the way. Between birthday parties every other weekend and sports days that seem to be happening even in the freezing cold these days, you Mummy’s, or Jingas as we call you, deserve to feel as though you are bossing motherhood. In using Jinga Life, the Jinga gains many benefits, the main one being taking back control in looking after her and her family’s healthcare.

The Jinga Tribe

Jinga Life seeks to empower families from all walks of life. We understand that feigning enthusiasm for yet another school talent show (that’s three this year alone…), and finding the energy to keep track of everyone and their health needs can be strenuous at best. Now there’s a place where Mums & Dads can gather to seek advice and tips from like minded people. Jinga Life wishes to create an environment for Mums and Dads to track the health and wellness of their families, but also a place they can gain insights into different aspects of family’s life.

Women Inspiring Women

Jinga Life highlights the message that women are incredible powerful beings, capable of juggling a screaming baby, a hyped up toddler and a moody teenager like a piece of cake! However, Jinga Life understands that it’s not always easy, and sometimes you may even want to join the aforementioned baby in his or her screaming. Never fear, Jinga Life has plenty of articles to help you out in the journey that is motherhood. Women supporting and inspiring one another is at the forefront of Jinga Life!

Role Models: Jinga Life and Powerful Women in History

Jinga herself, was an African Queen in the 16th Century. Who better than to centre the idea of strong, empowered women than this powerful woman in history? You’re queen of your household after all, defending your family and making sure they are kept safe; whilst, let’s be honest, also laying down the law. To quote another Queen, “Who run the world? Girls!” Whilst maybe not quite ready for world domination, running the household can seem just as difficult. Jinga Life is a platform that wishes to ease the stress of family life. Whilst also reminding you to take care of yourself, and not just those around you.

Prevention, Not Cure

Jinga Life believe the most important thing for any Jinga is to feel in control of her and her family’s well being. That is why Jinga Life aims to help the Jinga in preventing any healthcare issues within her family unit rather than having to face an ordeal in the future. By being able to monitor vitals, record and store test results, and view exercise levels, the Jinga is able to see if things may be out of sorts. Modern technology, eh? It’s an amazing tool!