Reasons to Embrace the Family Festival

Photo by  Rosemary Ketchum  from  Pexels

We love a good family festival - good music, great food, and unforgettable performances make for a great family trip. Whilst planning and organisation, and not knowing how you’d even begin to pack may have put you off up until now, we’re here to fill you in on why you should be embracing the family festival for all that it’s worth!  


We’re going to be brutally honest here, there will be a time when those little faces that look up at you with admiration will be horrified at the thought of going to a festival with their parent, *sigh*. So now is your chance to have valuable bonding time with your kids at an event that they’ll be sure to have a great time. Ensure that there is something for everyone in the family at the festival of your choice, that way everyone has something to look forward to, and you can partake in each other's favourite acts, performances or classes. 

Camping or glamping is also a great experience for kids, and an awesome way to bond as a family. 


Good news, once past the “horrified to be around their parents or anyone over the age of 25 age”, your kids will cherish the memories you made as a family at the festival of your choosing. It might even incentivise them to one day bring their family to a festival and make it a family tradition.  

Something Different 

Let’s be honest, your 2 weeks all-inclusive holiday that you do every year is great fun no doubt, but a family festival holiday is sure to be the thing your family remembers for years to come. The kids will be super excited to return to school and tell their classmates about the amazing time they had at a festival abroad or at home

Pumpkin: Photo by  from  Pexels

Pumpkin: Photo by from Pexels

You’ll be in Safe Hands 

You may be a bit hesitant to embrace the Family Festival as a holiday, but you have Jinga Life on your side. Jinga Life allows you to bring you and your families health information with you on your phone, so no need for bulky paperwork. It’s important your family festival is a great family for all, Jinga Life offers piece of mind allowing you to record any allergies or health issues you or your individual family members may have. If you do run into any health trouble, Jinga Life allows you to communicate your health info with any onsite first aid tents or hospitals, saving time in case of an emergency.  We can sign up Jinga Life in just in seconds!

Exposure to the Arts 

Arts and Culture feature heavily at most festivals. From talks with authors to classes with illustrators, aerial and acrobat instructors, or water sports - there is something to suit everyone. Giving your child the chance to embrace all of these different aspects of life will provide them with a rounded view of the world, and perhaps inspire them to take up a new hobby or two! 

Everyone is Welcome 

From grandad right down to the babies of the family, family orientated festivals (especially boutique family festivals) welcome everyone. So why not invite aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins, grandads and grannies and make a real family go at it! The good thing about having a lot of people? You can divide up the babysitting duties! Win/Win really! 

Relive Your Youth 

This is more so for you parents rather than the whole family, but if you do as we mentioned and divide up the babysitting duties with family or friends you can relive your festival going youth by heading to see your favourite acts. Whether you attended Glastonbury every year or were heartbroken when Oxegen ended, the family festival is your chance to get back into your festival ways.